3 Construction Accident Injury Tips

Were you hurt on a job site and have questions? Learn about these 3 construction accident injury tips, then call our Naperville attorneys now.

1) After an Injury

Construction worker has an accident while working on new house.In Illinois, there are four elements of damages that you would be entitled to if you’re injured on a construction site. The first would be your medical bills. Your medical bills, both past and future, would have to be accounted for and paid for as a result of being injured on a construction site. Secondly would be any wage loss that you’ve suffered. In other words, if you are unable to work and you’ve stopped getting a paycheck, you would be entitled to all of your on and off-the-check benefits for having gotten injured while working on a construction site.

Third, you would also be entitled to pain and suffering, in other words, the pain and suffering you went through from the moment you were injured, all the way up to today and possibly into the future. Last, you’d be entitled to disability, in other words, the inability to do all the things that you want to do in your normal life; we sometimes call it a loss of a normal life – the things you would normally be doing if you had not been injured on a construction site – and you’re also entitled to compensation for that.

2) Case Value

Construction accident cases are a very specialized type of situation. Normally someone injured on a construction site actually has two cases. They may be pursuing a workers’ compensation case against their employer for the injuries that they suffered on the job, while at the same time having a construction injury case against either another subcontractor or even the general contractor, or an engineering company, or even the architect. The overlap between those two cases make it difficult to say as to how long a construction injury case will last.

Most importantly, you would never want to settle or resolve your case until you’re done receiving medical treatment. Oftentimes we see people that resolve or settle their case, only to find out later on that they need more or additional medical care. It would never be acceptable to settle someone’s case if they were still seeing doctors or seeking medical care.

3) Case Timeline

First, obviously, is to seek medical care. When you get the medical care, you want to be sure to give the physician an accurate history as to how you were injured on the construction site.

Secondly, if possible, you want to try to document the scene and the evidence at the time of your injury. A lot of people have their cell phones with them, even at work, and if you’re able to take pictures of any of the conditions or the site itself at the time your injury occurred, it can really help protect you down the road in pursuing any kind of construction accident injury case. If you have coworkers that may have taken some additional pictures of the scene when you were injured, those photographs can help us protect you as well when we decide to pursue a construction injury case.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured on a construction site due to suspected negligence in Illinois and have questions about our 3 construction accident injury tips? Contact our experienced Naperville construction accident attorneys today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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