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5 Donna via Google

Working with Mr. Chute was a wonderful experience. His assistant, Monika Barrett was a blessing. The times I felt stressed, she did all she could to get me the answers I needed. This was my first experience with attorneys, and I would, and will, recommend Tom and Monika to everyone I know! Thank you both for your time and compassion.

5 Carmelo Fonseca via Google

Tom grace did a very well job on the case.

5 Scott Hughes via Google

I was unceremoniously included in a physics lesson that the driver behind me was forced to learn because a cigarette had the opportunity to demonstrate the laws of gravity as well as angular momentum to the driver. After the accident I wanted legal advice but all of the heavily advertised law firms had that “Better Call Saul” / ambulance chaser feel. What I wanted was a Law Firm that I felt comfortable with and I could trust. So, I asked my Uncle for a recommendation. Chute, O’Malley, Knobloch & Turcy was at the top of his list as well as his friends list. My Uncle and his friends and been using this Law Firm for decades for much more serious injuries than mine. Thomas Chute was my lawyer and he was excellent. That said, what I was most impressed with was the staff. Each was a joy to interact with, got my dark sense of humor and were thoroughly knowledgeable about what questions they could and could not answer with regard to legal inquires. The fact that every person, including Thomas, was a joy to work work with speaks volumes to the leadership at Chute, O’Malley, Knobloch & Turcy.

5 Vernon Owens via Google

Atty Tom Grace made my lawsuit effortless on my end. Great person great attorney.

5 Anthony Freeman via Google

Tom Grace did a great job on my case. Thank you SO MUCH!

5 Darrell Williams via Google

Thomas grace is very highly recommended he fought for me just like it was for himself and was very honest and open with me I will be back to him !

5 Shetara Sawyer via Google

Tom Grace is a phenomenal lawyer! He’s very attentive and stays on top on your case.

5 Jon x via Google

Tom Grace was very timely with contacting me initially and also keeping me apprised with updates regarding my case . Additionally, he explained step by step what actions he would take and what it meant for me. He was professionally and had a great demeanor. He made me feel comfortable that my case was being worked on and in good hands .

5 Jerome Haywood via Google

Tom is the greatest of all time, his name grace is a god given name

5 Allen Bryant via Google

Tom Grace help me with my case and did an awesome job I loved the results will definitely recommend

5 Monica Garcia via Google

Very satisfied with the service I received from Tom Grace.

5 Nazariah Cobbins via Google

Tom grace wonderful job

5 Amber McGhee via Google

Tom Grace was awesome! Very thorough, very honest, and very professional. I actually forgot about the incident until he reached out to me! I am absolutely grateful for a seamless experience.

5 Flikk Thornton via Google

Working with the firm was definitely a pleasure. The attorney I worked with was Tom Grace. He was super responsive, attentive, professional, and accommodating. Working with lawyers is always one of those things where you wonder if they have your best interest in mind or the most billable hours. Despite the fact my case was an injury case and not going on billable hours Tom was still always readily available and quick to pick up the phone and answer my questions, and I had a LOT of questions. Anytime he learned new info he’d call me, not send an email, but actually call. I’m kinda old school so I appreciate a good ole phone call over an email. He understood the importance of relationships and treated me as if my case really mattered, as if my situation mattered to him. He knew my case wasn’t some case that was worth six figures, it was pocket change. But that didn’t change the time he took to make sure I was always in the loop and knew all my options. In fact, once I actually met him in person for the first time, we spent 40mins talking about all types of things. Just regular good ole face to face human interaction. Which is a dying skill nowadays lol. Tom Grace, you the man brother. Thank You!

5 Daniel Archer via Google

Thanks Tom good job

5 Szenoria Smith via Google

Tom grace were Great he worked very hard on my case and got what he told me thanks tom Grace.

5 Iryna Slivinska-Skalak via Google

Tom Grace did a great job and really fought for me. I recommend him if you have a personal injury case.

5 James Shotts via Google

5 Tasha Lynch via Google

Tom Grace and the firm did an excellent job handling my personal injury case will definitely refer and use him again if need be!

5 diga914 via Google

Tom Grace handled my case in a very timely and professional manner. Needless to say, I am super happy with the outcome.

5 Jacquetta Love Songs via Google

Tom Grace did a wonderful job he did assume work for me and he was very promt and fast.. thank u for the sevice.

5 Marcus Johnson via Google

Tom grace did a good job gone me paid quickly through a pandemic

5 Andrew Hilgerson via Google

Thomas Grace showed great care in my case, Even when communications were tough due to a pandemic, He remained professional from beginning to end. I recommend Thomas Grace to anyone who is looking for the best in town to get the job done!!

5 Feetflix Network via Google

Tom grace did great job thank you

5 Cristina Leyva via Google

Tom Grace did an excelente job

5 Lindsay O’Connell Vega via Facebook

They will give you undivided attention and do everything in their power to meet your needs.

5 Raquelyah Yisrael via Google

Tom Grace was excellent with keeping me updated on the case all the way to the end. Tom Grace made sure that I got most out of my case. After waiting for two long years for the case to settle. Thanks Tom Grace.

5 Kurk via Avvo

Mr. Philip E. Turcy represented me for both my Workers’ Compensation case and with my firefighter pension hearing. Mr. Turcy clearly outlined his strategy during our first meeting and continuously kept me informed of the case status and my options. He advised me of his concerns based on his experience and how he planned to present my case at my hearing. He was always well prepared. Mr. Turcy exceeded my expectations when it came to his communications with me. He returned my calls and emails within the same day, even if it was a weekend. Mr. Turcy was integral in my receiving a fair settlement and making sure I received all the benefits I was entitled to with my pension. I have recommended Mr. Turcy to others and will continue to do so.

5 Ellen via Avvo

After sustaining a devastating injury at work that required two surgeries and a lengthy rehabilitation, I wasn’t sure where to turn regarding my legal options. I was fortunate enough to find Mr. Phil Turcy and knew, shortly after meeting him, that he was the right attorney for the job. Throughout the lengthy legal process, I found Mr. Turcy to be a diligent and detail-oriented professional that kept me informed regarding the status of my case, returned my calls immediately (always on the same day), and really listened to my cares and concerns during one of the most stressful times in my life. He is a tireless advocate for workers and their families and I would not hesitate to recommend him to friends and family in the future!

5 Patricia Duran via Google

Tom Grace is an amazing attorney. I highly recommend him, he was very professional, caring, and very detailed when explaining the status of my case. I was very pleased with my settlement especially during a time like this with this cover-19 going on. He managed to get things done in a timely manner and always kept me in the wraps with my case. Thank You so very much! I really appreciated it. If anyone needs a lawyer, Tom Grace is the guy to go to. Very good job!

5 Keith Funches via Google

I would like to Thank Tom Grace for doing an excellent job on my case. I really appreciate how he kept me informed on every thing going on in my case. He’s a Professional Pro at what he does. I would definitely recommend him and his team to any and everyone. Thanks so much Tom Grace.

5 Muna Zarour via Google

AMAZING! I highly recommend this group. We had quite an unusual case, this group was our only glimmer of hope when our options were limited and no one would accept a complicated case. We worked closely with Colin O’Malley and his team. Words cannot do justice to how wonderful they are; highly competent, professional, very responsive, thorough and friendly. Colin went above and beyond to make himself available and to answer all our questions and concerns. If you need an excellent proficient injury lawyer that would fight for you, look no further!

5 Jdy via Avvo

Working with Thomas Chute was a fantastic experience. He trusted me, believed in my case and made sure justice was served to an extent I didn’t think was possible. He is very knowledgeable, knew how handle all of the various situatrions that developed along with guiding me and keeping me informed during the whole process.

5 Angelo via Avvo

Mr. Chute and I have interacted on several cases that have crossed the various borders between New York and Illinois. I was immediately impressed with not only his knowledge of Illinois legislation and landmark decisions, but the varied interplay of Federal statutes and case law. He exemplified passion and professionalism throughout our matters together and I have, in turn, referred cases to Mr. Chute with excellent results and client feedback. This is a lawyer who personifies “excellence.”

5 Wanees Zarour via Google

I worked with Mr. O’Malley and his staff, they are amazing. He was very thorough and made sure we were kept updated. Can’t thank them enough for their help. Truly professional, highly recommended.

5 sheronda Farrow via Google

I had the pleasure of working with attorney Tom Grace on my deceased father’s personal injury case. Tom was very prompt in all of his communications, he never left us guessing what was going on or where we were in the process, he offered up his honest opinion when it was decision making time and lastly he ensured this case wasn’t dragged out. I would highly appreciate his customer service and would absolutely recommend Tom Grace and the Chute, O’Malley, Knobloch & Turcy team.

5 Marissa via Google

Mike took care of my case and I’m thankful for all of the help, time, and effort he put forth for me. Any time I had questions, Mike was always there to answer and then answer them again if I needed further clarification. Nobody really wants to be put in this position and dealing with a process like mine, but if you absolutely have to, go with him.

5 Marci via Avvo

I was injured in a car accident a few years back. Went to see three lawyers who wouldn’t take my case until I found Mr. Chute and he stepped up to the bat for my case and never left my side. Through the whole process he answered all my questions, was patient with me and my husband and kept us informed of everything. He is an all around great guy and got us what we deserved for my injuries.

5 Isabell via Avvo

i had an auto accident involving injuries. I had no idea how to proceed. Tom answered all my questions and informed me on what was going on all the time. He always returned my calls promptly. He did what was best for me . I highly recommend him to anybody that is looking for a good lawyer who is genuinely looking out for his client’s best interest.

5 Kevin O’Toole via Google

Tom Grace did an excellent job on my case. He clearly communicated every detail to me and made sure I was kept up to date on a consistent basis. I was very pleased with my settlement and overall quality of the job.

5 denise benton via Google

My name is Donte Farrow and I would for everyone know that Tom did a wonderful job with the case involving my father’s case whose now deceased. Tom made sure that the case settled in a timely manner for my sister and myself.
Thank you again Tom.

5 tyrone leslie via Google

They are great thanks to Tom it took them no time to settle my case Thanks.

5 pierre smith via Google

I recommend anybody to this law firm tom grace is a good lawyer to deal with he makes sure everything is right he will always be my attorney

5 Mercedes via Avvo

Thomas chute has helped me threw this whole process I was dealing with my case for almost 5 years I also had to switch my lawyer because my last lawyer wasn’t the best but Thomas stepped in & made everything go smoothly he was very professional and kept me updated on the case with great news every time I would highly recommend that you people reach out to Thomas he was the best lawyer I could ever. Ask for and I appreciate his assistance to but we won our case & we’re rewarded with a great amount of money !!! Thanks Thomas I will be using him in the future you are truly a blessing !!!!!

5 Steven via Avvo

Tom did a great job. He handle our case in a professional manner and had it resolved quickly. Tom went above and beyond to get our case resolved fairly and equitably. Thank you, Tom, for all of your help.

5 Tmthy Crpntr via Google

Quick, thorough, and professional services provided to me by Mr. Knobloch. All staff is welcoming and friendly.

5 Anonymous via Avvo

It was very important that I had a sensitive, understanding and respectful lawyer. The client was a family member. The client would not go to a lawyer without my support because he did not feel he could represent himself well. He sometimes has difficulties understanding things and can become nervous and upset when he doesn’t. I loved the way Tom dealt with the situation. Although I was with the client each time he met with Tom, Tom never lost sight of who his client was. He always respected him and spoke directly to him. Tom was very good at taking the time and explaining things at a level that the client could understand which is a skill many lawyers lack. 2 lawyers rejected the case because they felt they could not win. Tom took the case, won and exceeded our settlement expectations. If the need for an attorney arises again I would definitely call J. Thomas Chute.

5 Jdy via Avvo

Working with Tom was a great experience. He trusted and believed in my case from the start and was able to deliver an outcome that I really didn’t think was possible. Along with being knowledgeable, he knew how to approach every situation that came up. He guided me all the way , was very responsive and kept me informed all through the process.

5 Kristin Walko via Google

Tom was great, explained all of the details and I felt very taken care in a complicated situation.

5 Yvette via Avvo

I was injured at work and required surgery on my shoulder. I was off of work for almost one year. I retained Philip Turcy and he did a fantastic job for me and obtained a great settlement. Mr Turcy kept in contact with me throughout every stage of my case, and was very conscientious in returning my phone calls. He was on my side when I needed help fighting the insurance carrier.

5 Jerry via Avvo

He made me feel like I was his most important client. He always returned my phone calls promptly

5 Kathleen Haney via Google

I found the law practice of what was at the time, Turcy and Chute, to be very efficient, knowledgeable and committed in the specialty of Personal Injury Law. As a recipient of their guidance and perseverance, I was very pleased with their communication, explanations and the ultimate positive verdict. For over three years, Tom Chute and staff shared their professionalism, belief and expertise in my case. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.

5 michael halloran via Google

Everyone was outstanding, great communication and helpful in explaining how this process would work.
I highly recommend Tom and his team.

5 Becky Davis via Google

5 Quentin Curtis via Google


5 Tom via Avvo

Phil Turcy has been my attorney for 2 Workers Comp cases. After dealing with him on the first one, I immediately called him when I injured myself again. His knowledge and experience were apparent in his handling of my cases. Even when everything just seemed to be dragging on and on, he always returned my calls and kept me informed and explained every step of the way. He made sure I was satisfied with the progress and terms as the cases progressed. I would not hesitate to hire him again if needed. I couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out.

5 Michele via Avvo

I sustained an injury at work that required surgery and involved a lengthy recovery. After my initial consultation with Mr. Turcy I felt confident that he was the attorney I wanted to represent me.

He was very easy to work with and responded in a very timely manner to emails and telephone calls. I was probably a very “needy” client but he never made me feel that way. Mr. Turcy was always willing to listen to and answer any questions I had. He gave me excellent advice and took a lot of pressure off of me by taking over interactions with my company’s worker’s compensation representative. I no longer had to “report” to them after every doctor or physical therapy appointment.

I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Turcy to co-workers, friends or family. I was very pleased with the settlement received and the respectful way I was treated.

5 Henrietta via Avvo

Very professional, always returned my calls and kept me abreast with everything. I will refer family and friends.