Steps After a Personal Injury

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What Are the Steps to Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit?


Oftentimes, we get asked in Illinois, what are the main steps for filing a lawsuit? What we say is it usually starts with a client interview. It starts with having the client come in, explaining to them what their legal needs are and recognizing what the steps are going to be to start the case. A number of cases in personal injury require a lot of investigation. It could require hiring the correct experts, maybe even going out to a site, shutting down a job or shutting down a highway, to go out and make sure we’re preserving evidence and taking a look at everything.

In order to properly protect the injured person, it’s important to get involved in the case early so we can preserve evidence, take the steps necessary to make sure that things aren’t being changed or altered. The defense and the insurance companies have all the resources in the world. The minute they get notice that there has been an injury, they’ve already started taking the steps to protect themselves. It’s important that when someone is injured, in order to start their lawsuit or start their case, they reach out to a lawyer right away to protect their evidence and their rights.

If you have any other questions about how a lawsuit is started or the investigation that’s required, please give us a call.

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