Paying Bills While Waiting for Workers’ Comp

Do you have questions about paying bills while waiting for workers’ comp? Check out this video, then give our Naperville lawyers a call today.


How do I pay my bills while I’m waiting for my workers’ compensation payments to start?


We get called a lot from people out in Naperville who say to us, “I got hurt. It’s been a week now and I haven’t gotten paid. What can I expect?” The statute allows the employer 15 days to conduct an investigation and to determine compensability. Typically, in an unwitnessed accident or an accident in which there are some questions, they’re going to use that entire 15 days.

There’s no relief for you for that first period of time, but once the benefits are approved, they’re retroactive back to Day One of the injury. You will be satisfied or should be. If you’re having difficulty getting your claim started or you’re being denied benefits, please give us a call. Let’s discuss your claim. Let us help you.

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