I Don’t Feel Injured: Do I Need to See a Doctor After a Car Crash?

Enduring a car crash of any magnitude can be a traumatic and stressful situation. You may wonder whether you should see a doctor after a minor car accident, especially if you don’t feel any pain.

Keep reading to learn why it’s always a good idea to see a doctor after a car accident—even if you don’t feel injured.

I Don't Feel Injured Do I Need to See a Doctor After a Car CrashYou May Be Injured and Not Know It

It’s common for victims of traumatic accidents not to feel the pain of injuries sustained right away. In fact, it can take hours, days, or even weeks to feel the pain of your injuries.

Believe it or not, the psychological trauma you endure from a car accident can affect you physically. When your sense of security is devastated by a seriously stressful occurrence, your body may react in different ways.

Pain is in the Brain

Pain exists in the brain rather than the tissues in the body where you feel the pain. In order to protect you, your brain releases chemicals when you endure trauma that helps block the pain of your injuries.

This is done so that you’re better able to handle the aftermath of the trauma at the moment of the accident.

After being involved in a crash, you probably have tons of thoughts flying through your mind, such as:

  • What am I going to do now?
  • Is my car still driveable?
  • Who will pay for the damages to my car?
  • How will I get to work?
  • How will I pick up the kids from school?

These thoughts can take precedence over the pain of your injuries. When your brain is occupied in dealing with the trauma from the accident, it may distract you from how painful your injuries really are.

This is why it’s so crucial that you see a doctor immediately after being involved in a car accident. Accidents tend to be traumatic in nature, so it’s very common for injured victims not to feel pain right away.

Medical professionals can conduct tests to tell you if you have any injuries, and if so, how severe.

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