4 Truck Accident Tips

Have you been involved in a truck accident and have questions? Read these 4 truck accident tips, then contact our Naperville attorneys today.

1. Insurance Investigation

4 Truck Accident TipsYou never want to speak to the truck driver’s insurance company unrepresented by counsel. They are only looking to develop evidence to use against you to defeat your claim.

2. Commercial Truck Accident Injuries

There are a couple of things that you need to do right off the bat. Number one, seek immediate medical attention to make sure you are physically okay and get the care that you need. Second, you want to hire a lawyer immediately because there is important evidence that must be preserved from a semi-truck immediately. If you are unrepresented, that evidence will be lost forever.

3. Suing the Company for a Drunk Truck Driver

We spoke with a client yesterday who told us that he had been involved in a truck accident case and the truck driver was determined to have been drunk. In that scenario, you can absolutely sue his employer. There are a number of standards that all commercial truck drivers have to adhere to, and their employers are liable for their conduct.

4. Wrongful Death

Last week, we spoke with a man who had lost his wife as a result of a semi-truck accident, and he wanted to know whether or not he had any legal recourse and could file a case. The answer to that question is absolutely. In Illinois, a spouse can file a wrongful death case on behalf of their lost loved one as a result of a truck accident.

Have you been involved in a truck accident in Illinois and have questions about these 4 truck accident tips? Contact our experienced Naperville truck accident attorneys today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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