3 Workers Compensation Questions

Were you or a loved one injured at work and you have questions? Read this article about 3 workers compensation questions we are often asked.

1. Do I Need to Report My Injury?

3 Workers' Compensation QuestionsWe got a call the other day from a gentleman who was injured on the job out in the Naperville area. He wanted to know if he needed to report his accident. He had left work and hadn’t told anybody about it. Our statute requires that you do give notice. You have 45 days to give notice of an injury, but it’s silly to wait that long. You should give notice immediately and make sure that the claim continues properly from that point forward. If you have any questions about this or any other aspects of your comp claim, give us a call and let us help you.

2. Can my claim be denied if I don’t report the injury in time?

We get calls all the time from people out in Naperville area who ask us how long they have to report a claim. Our statute requires that you give notice to your employer about your claim within 45 days, including the day that it happened. It’s jurisdictional. That means that if you do not give notice of your injury within that time period to your employer, your claim is going to be denied. If you have any questions about when the timeframe is and how it runs, give us a call. Let’s make sure.

3. What do I do if my employer refuses to file an accident or incident report?

We got a call from a gentleman in Naperville last week who had been injured at work, had done everything properly. He had given notice of the accident to his immediate supervisor. He was attempting to get medical treatment. What he found out was that his employer had refused to file the claim and give notification to the carrier. That’s going to have a terrible effect on getting the benefits going in that case.

We’ve had to do this on numerous occasions. We’ve had to contact the carrier ourselves and self-report that claim on behalf of our client just to get the thing going. If you’re having difficulty in this situation where your employer is not cooperating with you and standing in the way of you getting your benefits, please give us a call. Let’s do something about it.

Do you or a loved one get injured at work and have questions about a workers’ compensation claim in Illinois? Check out these 3 workers compensation questions, then contact our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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