3 Bus Accident Facts

Were you or a loved one injured from a bus and have questions? Check out these 3 bus accident facts, then call our Naperville lawyers today.

Choosing the Best Bus Accident Lawyer

3 Bus Accident FactsWe were called the other night by a potential new client who was injured on a municipal bus in Naperville, and she was wondering how she would best go about selecting the right attorney. We told her, specifically, you have to find a lawyer who’s experienced in dealing with accidents that occur as a result of careless and negligent acts by bus companies. In this particular case, we have that type of experience. We’re able to litigate these cases against Pace Bus, against the CTA. We’re well-known within the industry, and we would be able to provide that certain expertise that you need when going up against one of these municipal bus companies.

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Bus Accident Case Value

A client of ours contacted us the other day wondering how we would evaluate the value of her claim as a result of being injured on a municipal bus in Naperville. We told her that is all driven by the facts. At the time of a jury trial, a jury would be able to consider the nature and extent of the injury, the medical bills, any potential lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of a normal life. All of these elements of damage would be considered by the jury. Depending upon the complexity of her case and the nature and extent of her injuries, that’s how we determine the value.

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Bus Accident Case Timeline

Our office received a call the other day from a potential new client who was injured on a bus in Naperville. She asked how long it would take to resolve her claim. We told her all of these cases depend on their complexity. They depend upon the liability of the bus company, the nature and extent of the injuries, whether or not the case is litigated and whether or not the case goes to trial. In general, cases of that type take anywhere from about nine months to two and a half years to resolve.

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