10 Common Injuries That Prompt Litigation

If someone else is responsible for your injuries, such as a business or government, they can be held liable for the costs and trauma you endured due to injuries sustained.

10 injuries you can sue for

10 Common Injuries That Prompt LitigationBelow, you’ll find a list of the 10 most common bases for personal injury suits in Illinois (in no particular order):

  1. Product failure (non-pharmaceutical): Any product or service can succumb to faulty equipment, inadequate composition, or poorly drafted instructions, which can cause an injury.

  2. Missteps in public spaces: Places of business, education, and religious venues are supposed to keep all walkways and populated areas secure for able-bodied and disabled people alike. Disruptions in these areas can cause serious harm.

  3. Individual negligence: Just about all people have the power to ignore issues that could become physically damaging to others in the future. These decisions are left to the civil court whether the defendant had the ability to operate in a more culpable manner in order to avoid causing harm to others.

  4. Medical malpractice: Doctors make mistakes sometimes, but so do all other healthcare professionals. The American healthcare system requires that professionals in the field are board-certified and held liable for any harm caused. Dentists are obligated to screen for oral cancer during every check-up and are held responsible for a postponed diagnosis.

  5. Vehicular mishaps: Accidents are so common that every licensed driver is expected to bear liability insurance. If the other person is at-fault for an auto accident, they may be sued.

  6. Intentional behaviors: Litigation for violent acts is typically performed in criminal court, but victims can sue in civil court as well. You’re also able to sue for violence intended for another person.

  7. Dog bites: Certain conditions regarding dog attacks can warrant litigation against dog owners, although every jurisdiction is different.

  8. Pedestrian trauma: All drivers must be constantly aware of pedestrians on sidewalks, roadways, and crosswalks.

  9. Drowning: When someone drowns, it is commonly the consequence of negligence in a private residential pool, hotel pool, water park, or a public place like a lake or ocean.

  10. Bicycle accidents: Legally, bicyclists have the right to share the road with passenger and commercial vehicles. Unfortunately, bicyclists are often difficult to spot, which makes them vulnerable to collisions.

Hiring a lawyer is crucial

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